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Need to Download Your Stuff Again?

This site is for you if you bought products on AdvancedFictionWriting.com in the past and need to download your stuff again, for whatever reason. 

Maybe your system crashed and you lost your original files. Or maybe you can't find the original email my system sent you. Or when you clicked on the links in the old email, they no longer work (because my web developer changed things around).

Whatever the reason, I've put up this site so you can download your stuff again without having to email me and wait for my virtual assistant to get back to you.

Here are the products you might be looking for:

  • Snowflake Pro software
  • The Fiction 101 lecture series by Randy Ingermanson
  • The Fiction 201 lecture series by Randy Ingermanson
  • The Writing in the Shadows lecture series by John Olson
  • The Clean Up Your Act teleseminar series with Allison Bottke
  • The Promote Your Writing Through Speaking teleseminar series with Mary Byers
  • The PDF e-book Writers Conference Survival Guide by Meredith Efken
  • The PDF How to Write a Superarticle by Randy Ingermanson
There are also some even older products which I discontinued years ago. If you bought any of these on AdvancedFictionWriting.com, I've got a record of it here, and you can get your download files. 

All I need is the email address that you used when you bought the product. If you don't remember it or if you're not using that email anymore, then click the checkbox to use a different email address and you'll see a form with a little bit more info for you to fill in.